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Conversations that Excite



Expect to Receive:

As your collaborator in creating a unique experience for your audience, Janel offers you:

  • Customized presentations, tailored to your industry, company, or organization
  • Intriguing perspectives from her own life-long career 
  • An experienced know-how in working with any audience

Conversations That Uplift



Choose Janel Barksdale for:

  • Corporate Presentations​
  • Conferences
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Panelist
  • Seminars
  • Webinars


Janel is gifted at capturing the needs for your business or organization and though a series of questions, is able to offer unique and applicable options to meet the identified goals.

Janel brings a level of energy to mundane, ordinary activities and transforms them into exciting opportunities.

Conversations that Empower



Why Choose Janel Barksdale?


  • Powerful delivery
  • Engaging stories
  • Masterful illustrations

Janel is a Professional Speaker who serves as your collaborator in creating a unique experience for your audience.

Janel is an experienced speaker with an array of intriguing analogies pulled from her many years of experience. 

Janel uses her passion for writing to provide customized presentations, tailored to your industry, company, or organization.  

 Janel has an electrifying personality that is sure to capture and maintain the attention of diverse audiences. 






Testimonials: Clients Are Talking

What Clients Have to Say...


Janel is simply beyond all the positives  I can say about her!  You need to experience a “Janel" session to really understand what I am saying!  I have been privileged to interface with Janel in developing and participating in orientation seminars for new employees and training programs to teach methods of determining and satisfying customer needs. She addresses each topic in a clear and concise manner with little-wasted motion.  To say Janel’s meetings were fun, energetic, informative, and filled with interaction would be an understatement! 

Gene Payne

Prosperity Bank Chairman- DFW, Retired

Not only does Janel create programs and associated material that is easy to comprehend, she ensures, by communicating with all facets of legal, regulatory and department staff that the programs meet all requirements.   

What makes programs successful is the presenter/ creator, Janel, lets participants know they can ask questions and be assured the answer, if unknown, will be obtained during their time together.   

Above all, Janel puts participants at ease due to her fun and professional demeanor and knowledge of programs, regardless who created them.  Her evaluations were, again needless to say, excellent.  

Ann Cassens 

Former Director of Corporate Training and Development First Banks

Janel is a dose of delightful energy and powerful wisdom.  

Layna Ware

Why U, Inc. Founder & CEO

Janel Barksdale is such an incredibly engaging speaker and a fantastic developer of content.   I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of her energizing sessions. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed when with the content and/or the message she provides.

Dondra Bassett

Marketing / Sales Professional