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The Story Behind The Vision Journal & How To Use It

The Story Behind the Vision Journal

 I have completed several vision boards on my own but had never experienced creating one in a group. I’d been invited to a few Vision Board parties but I normally had a scheduling conflict and just simply wasn’t be able to attend.   That is until 2016 when I attended my first Vision Board party. I arrived and there were stacks and stacks of magazines, scissors,  glue and blank poster boards ready to receive the hopes, dreams, and desires I was able to find within the pages of the discarded periodicals. 

After receiving instructions from the host, I set out to become inspired by the words and images around me.  I met several people and listened to their business ideas and plans.  I cut out several words and images but by the end of the experience, I hadn’t placed anything on the board.   I committed that I would complete it on my own but I never did. On January 1, 2018, I decided to write in my journal only to find that on several pages, I had placed words of inspiration and images that I had cut from magazines. Funny thing is, I didn’t remember doing this.  Then it hit me, take the “board” out of the vision board experience.  In making a Vision Journal, you create a mobile book of inspiration.    

How to Use the Vision Journal


Inspiration is all around you! Rather found in a quote online or in the pages of a magazine.

❖ Cut out images, words, or quotes.
❖ Use tape or a glue stick to place the image in your journal.
❖ Decide where to place the image – top, bottom, center of the page.
❖ Write a journal entry and include your thoughts about the image you placed on the page. 
❖ Write about any experience you have that you are inspired to document.

❖Use the space on pages 8-9 to create a collage of your dreams, goals, and plans. Share your collage on your social media pages.

❖Be sure to tag Roses and Thorns.

❖Be Inspired! Be Creative! Dream BIG!

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