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The Story of Roses and Thorns

Over 20 years ago, I sat with a girlfriend; dreaming. We were energetic, ambitious young women who loved God and sisterhood.  We determined that we were going to develop an organization to uplift women. We planned to call it The Total Woman because it was our goal to discuss the broad range of issues women face. We were going to write books, host conferences and provide resources.

Well, that was the plan anyway, but life happened. The plans for establishing the organization took up residence in my rear view mirror. There it sat; taunting me, reminding me of all of the commitments and promises that I had made to God to be obedient to His plan for my life.  There were so many things that I allowed to take priority over my purpose.

Over the years, I would revisit the thought of The Total Woman organization and would develop outlines and put to paper ideas and plans, but I never seemed to make it out of the draft phase. It seemed as if The Total Woman was not to be.

In 2006, I moved to Texas through a job transfer.  Fortunately, moving to Texas was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.  My daughter thrived, and we were able to develop friendships that grew into a community of support; our Texas family.  In 2015, I was feeling inspired to establish The Total Woman organization. I was ready to define and document what God had given me so that I could communicate a clear vision, so I prayed for direction.      I was a different woman than that 22-year old who received the vision. I had experienced things that the 22-year old me wouldn’t have imagined.  As a result, I was inspired to change the name.  This organization would not be called The Total Woman.  The organization should be called Roses and Thorns.

So why Roses and Thorns? When my daughter was in grade school, we shared our days with one another by speaking of the “roses” and “thorns” of our day.   The “roses” were the parts of our day that were good or exciting.  We would share the things that went well rather it was getting an “A” on an unexpected quiz or having a productive meeting at work.  We would also report the “thorns” that occurred; sharing the parts of our day that were challenging and hurtful. This communication tool was an effective method for me to peek into the day of my daughter and to hear her heart.  I was able to learn the things that were important to her and recognize the triggers that made her hurt, upset, excited and happy.      

These experiences; roses and thorns, well describe the state of existence of the lives of most women.  We have the rose petal experiences of life that are beautiful, fragrant, and glorious to behold.  In contrast, there also exists the painful, hurtful, conflicting experience in life.  It is my prayer that you gain strength and sisterhood as you connect with other women of faith.

Janel Barksdale,
CEO & Founder

Janel Barksdale,

CEO & Founder

Roses and Thorns 3 Year Anniversary

The Roses


The Rose's of Roses and Thorns celebrate the 3 Year Anniversary in their Roses and Thorns apparel.

Gifts anyone? Couldn't let anyone leave with an empty bag.


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Women who pray together...

The Titus 2 Women of Roses and Thorns.  Joycelyn and Sylvia.

Sylvia Collins and Joycelyn Johnson opened and closed the first Roses and Thorns session in prayer and have prayed at almost every Roses and Thorns session since...the POWER of Prayer!

I will restore unto you...Joel 2:25

Ashlee Brooks shared her personal testimony that inspired the ladies with her strength and faith.

When God turns your thorn into a rose.

Thank you!

Honoring Roses...

Showing appreciation to the women who support Rose's and Thorns. (The picture on the monitor  in the background was taken from the first gathering 9.23.16)

Closing comments and prayer

Closing comments and prayer.


Becoming: Leah - From Left Out to Legacy 7.19.19

July Roses and Thorns Intimate Conversation:

Leah: From Left Out to Legacy. The conversation challenged us to see the pain in comparison and the deliverance of PRAISE. Join the conversation by subscribing to the Roses and Thorns YouTube page where we will post updates and encouragement.


Becoming: The Thirst Is Real - 6.21.2019

June 2019 Roses and Thorns - 

Monthly Intimate Conversation 

Becoming: The Thirst is Real.  In this conversation we examine the encounter the Woman at the Well (Photeina) had with Jesus.

When reason and purpose collide, you encounter the assignment of God.

Roses and Thorns - Bloomington / Champaign Chapter

Chapter President


Charletta Peacock

Roses and Thorns - January 2018


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