Janel Barksdale - CEO & Principle trainer


Building Connections

Why Choose Janel Barksdale?

Workshop & Keynote Speaker

  If you're gonna make connections which are innovative... you have to not have the same bag of experiences as everyone else does. - Steve Jobs


Janel recognizes that there is strength in connecting journeys by building bridges to one another. She feels that we learn more and develop faster and better when we are connected to someone who can bring a different perspective.


Janel says;   "Life is like a puzzle. We find solutions when we figure out how to   connect with one another." 


Rather in a   workshop, her organization, or other gatherings, Janel figures out a way to help people find a common ground to help showcase their strengths for the benefit of the collective group. 


Workshop & Keynote Speaker

Why Choose Janel Barksdale?

Workshop & Keynote Speaker

Wherever Janel speaks, audiences walk away inspired by new thoughts and perspectives, along with applicable and practical wisdom to apply immediately. 

Janel is particularly effective on topics related to leadership, customer care, and financial care. As the founder and principal of Janel Barksdale Enterprises, 

Janel has served as a mentor to many through the positions she has held at some of the leading financial institutions in America.  


Borrowing heavily from her career experiences, she is in demand nationwide as a business and motivational speaker on Leadership and Customer Service. 

As an award-winning speaker and innovator, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. 

Contact Janel Barksdale Enterprises, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits your needs.


Why Choose Janel Barksdale?

Why Choose Janel Barksdale?

Why Choose Janel Barksdale?

Janel is gifted at capturing the needs for your business or organization and though a series of questions, is able to offer unique and applicable options to meet the identified goals.

Janel brings a level of energy to mundane, ordinary activities and transforms them into exciting opportunities. 

 · Powerful delivery 

· Engaging stories 

· Masterful illustrations

Janel is a Professional Speaker who serves as your collaborator in creating a unique experience for your audience.


Janel is an experienced speaker with an array of intriguing analogies pulled from her many years of experience. 


Janel uses her passion for writing to provide customized presentations, tailored to your industry, company, or organization. 


Janel has an electrifying personality that is sure to capture and maintain the attention of diverse audiences.